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Wakefield Hospice is an adult hospice, which means we care for anyone from the age of 18 who has been diagnosed with an end of life illness, living in the Wakefield district.

As well as supporting the patient we offer help to their family members and carers. Although we are an adult hospice we are able to provide specialist support to children who are affected by their loved ones illness or death.

Why join?

There are so many ways to answer this but the simple one is to help.

Your membership will help fund the care of patients and their families affected by cancer and other life limiting illnesses. Wakefield Hospice is committed to providing high quality care and treatment for local people when they need us most.

How will I be helping?

A regular lottery payment from you will provide us with a steady, sustainable income. This enables us to plan and develop our services; ensuring care for the Wakefield community when they need our help most.

A significant amount of care is provided through our Day Therapy Unit, which is a safe environment that people can refer themselves to. Here we provide professional support as well as the opportunity to meet other people who are undergoing similar experiences. This is available to patients and their families too. At our Day Therapy Unit there is access to a programme of therapies including complementary, music and art.

Wakefield hospice has an inpatient ward where people are admitted to provide end of life care but also provides specialist management of symptoms to improve quality of life. It is not unusual for people to have more than one admission throughout their illness as their needs change.

The unit is staffed 24 hours a day by highly skilled nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals including physiotherapists, occupational therapist and social worker who are able to focus on enabling the patient to maintain their independence and dignity at all stages of their illness. Caring for someone with a terminal illness can be mentally and physically challenging and that’s why caring for the carers is as important to the hospice as caring for the patients!

At Wakefield Hospice we believe that the end of someone’s life should be treated with the same care, respect and dignity as the beginning. When the time comes to say goodbye to loved ones people may do this with us, where our team of highly skilled staff can offer support and (where possible) fulfil any final wishes.

The hospice provides bereavement support lead by a specialist councillor for people who are experiencing grief and loss. Spiritual guidance and faith support is provided at the hospice and a small chapel /prayer area is available 24hrs a day for reflection.

In 2020 Wakefield Hospice will be celebrating 30 years of caring for people in our community – this has only been possible because of the amazing support we receive year on year.

To provide this help and run the hospice costs over £4 million pounds per year and we only get 25% funding for this. To ensure we are here to continue this care for the next 30 years we need to secure as much financial funding as possible. Your lottery membership will help us to do this.

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